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Natural Beauty Cocktail:
Hair Skin and Nails Vitamins

Natural Beauty IV Cocktail

Sages have been saying for eons that true beauty is more than skin deep, and new research and data bear that out. Today, we know more than ever how cellular health impacts outward appearance, and how nutrition in turn lays the foundation for cellular health. 

Our Natural Beauty IV Cocktail is packed with potent nutrients, carefully blended to target skin, hair and nails, and support overall health. Regular IV beauty treatments can help you look and feel young, vibrant and beautiful, month after month and year after year.

Key Nutrients in Our Natural Beauty IV Drip

The cells that make up your skin, hair and nails are formed deep below the skin’s surface in an ongoing process called cellular neogenesis. The quality of mature cells that emerge and become part of your external beauty matrix is determined by the quality and quantity of available nutrients used to form them.

InVita Wellness has blended the perfect IV beauty drip to optimize your inner health and boost your outer beauty with healthy all-natural ingredients:

Electrolytes to optimize cell hydration

Glutathione to promote glowing skin and reduce wrinkles

Mega Dose Vitamin C to prevent UV damage


B-Complex Vitamins:

icon Biotin (B7) to promote healthy skin
icon Thiamine (B1) to fight acne and reduce
icon Riboflavin (B2) to improve skin tone and
balance natural oils
icon Niacinamide (B3) to build healthy cells
and fight environmental stress
icon Dexpanthenol (B5) for soft and elastic
icon Pyridoxine (B6) to combat dermatitis
and oxidative stress

True beauty begins at the cellular level, supported by vital nutrients. Our natural beauty cocktail promotes healthy skin, hair and nails, and fights wrinkles to turn back the clock.



Pack of 4 -


Nourish Your Cells with Natural IV Beauty Treatments


To get the equivalent amounts of nutrients through diet alone, you would have to consume a variety of fruits, vegetables and animal products on a daily basis. While those nutrients can be found in oral supplements, their potency is radically reduced during the digestive process.

A vitamin IV beauty drip delivers potent nutrients directly to your bloodstream, bypassing your digestive tract to preserve their potency. Once in circulation, nutrients are quickly distributed without delay to the cells that need them most.

Regular IV beauty treatments can help ensure that the new cells your body makes for skin, hair and nails have all the nutritional support they need to help you look and feel your best.

IV Beauty Treatment in NYC

Beauty has always been more than skin deep. For true beauty that begins from within, contact InVita Wellness today, and schedule a Natural Beauty IV drip to nourish and protect your new cells that make up tomorrow’s skin, hair and nails.

Become the best version of yourself with InVita Wellness!

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