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Anti-Stress Cocktail: stress relief vitamin IV therapy

Our lives have never been more stressful at any time in human history than they are today. Despite advances in technology that make it easier to get things done, those same advances have raised the bar on productivity and put us on the clock 24/7. Add to that the global pandemic with its many mandates and restrictions, and we have a perfect storm for stress-related illness and dysfunction.


Chronic stress is the underlying cause of multiple health conditions, including:

Hypertension and heart disease
Reproductive disorders
Digestive problems
Insulin resistance
Unwanted weight gain
Cognitive dysfunction
Mood disorders

Symptoms of chronic stress include:






upper respiratory infections

Chronic stress causes your body to release chemicals that put you in “fight or flight” mode around the clock. Over time, stress can impact every system in your body, contributing to metabolic disease and diminishing the ability of your immune system to fight infections.

IV Vitamins to Relieve Stress

While stress is caused by your environment, its symptoms are driven by neurotransmitters that regulate mood, alertness and energy. In fight or flight mode, neurotransmitters like dopamine, epinephrine (adrenaline) and norepinephrine that keep your body’s systems on high alert, making you tense and anxious. They cause your blood vessels to constrict, your muscles to tighten, your senses to heighten and your heart to race.

On the flip side, neurotransmitters like serotonin and gamma-aminobutyric acid (GABA) help your body’s systems to relax. They reduce anxiety, elevate mood, promote productive sleep, boost your immune system and give you a feeling of wellbeing.

Since nutrients are the precursors to neurotransmitters, optimizing your nutrition can boost the production of feel-good neurotransmitters that combat stress. And one of the best ways to get all the nutrients you need to relieve stress is IV Vitamin stress relief therapy.


Balance your body chemistry, shake off stress and find your inner calm with our all-in-one Stress Relief IV cocktail!







Recomend additional boosters: Glutathione $25 each

Benefits of IV Vitamin Stress Relief Therapy

When delivered intravenously, the micronutrients in our stress relief formula are quickly carried by your bloodstream to cells throughout your body – No worries about reduced potency during the digestive process!

Our IV Vitamin Stress Relief cocktail is designed to combat stress and relieve its symptoms by:

Regulating mood

Calming anxiety

Promoting restful sleep

Enhancing focus

Improving immune function

The potent nutrients in our Anti-Stress cocktail include:

Vitamin C




Alpha-Lipoic Acid

Methylcobalamin (B12)



IV Vitamin Stress Relief Therapy in NYC

If the stress of modern life has you feeling anxious, moody and run down, it’s time to take charge of your health and optimize your nutrition. Invita Cryo NYC has an extensive menu of Vitamin IV cocktails designed to replenish vital nutrients that get depleted from modern living.

Don’t let chronic stress make you sick and tired. Request an appointment today, and take charge of your life with an IV Vitamin Stress Relief cocktail at Invita Cryo NYC.


Thank you for your time!


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