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3 Ways to Get the Amazing Benefits of Cryotherapy in NYC

Cryotherapy is not a new concept – cold therapy has been used for centuries to control pain and reduce swelling after an injury. Over time, cryotherapy has progressed from immersion in a cold body of water, to immersion in an ice bath and the application of ice packs, to ultra-modern techniques that leverage liquid nitrogen gas to soothe and heal damaged cells.

There are three ways to leverage the amazing benefits of cryotherapy in NYC: Whole Body, Local and CryoFacial.

Whole Body Cryotherapy


Whole body cryotherapy (WBC) takes place in a cryochamber, an enclosure that resembles a personal sauna. After donning protective socks and gloves to protect your extremities from frostbite, you step into the chamber and an attendant secures the door.

When you’re ready, the attendant turns on a stream of liquid nitrogen vapor that fills the chamber, rapidly dropping the surrounding space to sub-zero temperatures. After just 3 minutes of exposure, your body experiences the same benefits as a 30-minute ice bath.

Benefits of WBC include:


Release of mood-boosting endorphins


Relief of tension and anxiety


Improved sleep


Enhanced collagen production


Reduced muscle aches and pains


Reduced inflammation


Enhanced delivery of oxygen and nutrients to soft tissues

Schedule your WBC session:

icon After an intense workout or athletic competition
icon As a regular part of your training and recovery regimen
icon After a stressful workday or work week
icon When you’re having trouble sleeping
icon When you need a mood booster
icon When you want to look and feel your best for a date or special occasion

Local Cryotherapy

After an injury or surgical procedure, health-conscious people often want a non-pharmaceutical option for treating pain and swelling. Local cryotherapy directs a controlled stream of liquid nitrogen directly to your healing tissues, to calm pain receptors and reduce inflammation.

In response to extreme cold, your superficial blood vessels constrict, shunting blood and fluids away from damaged tissues and alleviating pain and pressure. As your body warms again, nutrient- and oxygen-rich blood slowly returns to the injured area to promote tissue healing.


Schedule your local cryo session:

icon During rehab from an athletic injury
icon While recovering from an accident
icon After a surgical procedure
icon To recover from overuse injuries from sports or exercise



A professional facial is the ultimate form of self-care for enhancing your appearance and boosting your confidence. Now you can pamper yourself on a whole new level with CryoFacial, a form of localized cryotherapy for your face.

CryoFacial combines all the TLC of a regular facial with the amazing benefits of cryotherapy, for an unforgettable self-care experience that leaves you looking and feeling fresh and rejuvenated.

Schedule your CryoFacial to:

icon Shrink unsightly pores
icon Reduce fine lines and wrinkles
icon Increase the flow of oxygen and nutrients to your facial skin
icon Promote healing from acne and skin disorders
icon Reduce puffiness
icon Enhance collagen production in your skin’s matrix
icon Give your face a vibrant healthy glow

3 Great Options for Cryotherapy in NYC

Whether you want to treat your whole body to a soothing blast of cold air, zero in on a specific area to relieve pain and swelling, or get the ultimate frosty facial, you can do it all at Advanced Cryo NYC.


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