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Memory Boost IV

Memory Boost

To function at its best, your brain needs vital nutrients that can be hard to get from diet alone. Our Memory Boost IV cocktail is designed to feed your brain with potent micronutrients for greater clarity, cognition and mental performance. Improve productivity, stay focused and feel great with a Memory Boost IV Vitamin Cocktail!

Power up your brain for meetings, exams and projects
Boost your concentration at work or school
Stop using caffeine and energy drinks to stay focused
Improve your memory and cognition
Eliminate brain fog and fatigue
Tackle problems with a sharper, younger mind

Potent Ingredients for a Better Brain

Our Memory Boost IV cocktail is a masterful mix of the most essential nutrients for optimal cognitive function.

B Vitamins
Vitamin C
Amino Acids Taurine and Carnitine
NAD Booster
Memory Boost IV

Our signature drip improves mental clarity and focus, memory and energy, and diminishes signs of aging

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