Platelet rich plasma is a unique procedure that draws directly on the natural healing process occurring inside the human body to extend and maintain your youthful appearance. This is an exciting scientific development, and it is based on Platelets, which are known for their regenerative properties. PRP repairs your body rapidly when you get sick, and platelets play a major role in recovery from injuries as well. There are different procedures available, so you can easily use cosmetic PRP to target the face.


What is PRP?


Platelet rich plasma therapy offers a safe and effective option for reducing the wrinkles that accompany aging skin. As the skin ages, it loses the volume of collagen necessary to maintain the kind of elastic texture associated with youth. The volume of adipose tissue around the cheeks may also decline, and this creates a sunken or skeletal appearance. Although some of these signs are determined by the patient’s genes, many environmental influences play a key role, and these can be controlled or moderated. For example, environment pollution can contribute to premature aging. Excessive sun exposure and smoking can also cause oxidative stress, which accelerates the aging process.


Who Benefits from PRP?


Platelet rich plasma therapy helps many people with different types of skin texture. This texture naturally changes during the aging process. Everyone tends to be conscious about their facial appearance, and this treatment uses the patient’s blood platelets to promote new cell growth. Women tend to prefer this non-surgical option for reducing wrinkles and smoothing the delicate facial tissue, especially around the eyes and the mouth. Also, athletes recover the injuries faster using PRP therapy. However, there are many other patients, including men, who benefit from this treatment for the purposes of maintaining a healthy and youthful appearance.


Cosmetic PRP Therapy


Cosmetic PRP is particularly beneficial for individuals who are pursuing this option for aesthetic purposes. Anyone pursuing this option for the sake of maintaining a youthful appearance may prefer this treatment because it does not require invasive surgical methods. In addition, this treatment is also an important choice for anyone who has an aversion to chemical treatments and other toxic substances. Many people will adopt a combination approach to therapy after consulting with a qualified doctor. Therefore, the PRP therapy can be used in tandem with other treatments like laser, fillers or hyaluronic acid. There are substantial benefits for using the cosmetic form of this therapy as a stand-alone treatment, so always consult with your healthcare team before deciding on a course of therapy.


Key Benefits for Patients


The first step in the treatment involves obtaining a comprehensive assessment. This is a way to gauge the amount of blood that needs to be drawn before extracting the platelets. The assessment can also help you to determine the best combination of therapies if you are interested in using this treatment alongside other methods.


After extracting a blood sample, it will be stored in a centrifuge for about 10 minutes to allow the plasma to separate from the other elements in the blood. During this process, the area that will be treated is prepared. The solution is injected into the numbed area using a micro-needling technique.


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