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Who Needs B12 Injections, How Much and How Often?

Vitamin B12 is an essential nutrient that humans need to ingest on a regular basis because it is a water soluble vitamin that cannot be stored in your body. Without adequate B12 intake, serious health problems can arise that often…

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Discover the Magic of Vitamin B12 IV Therapy and B12 Shots

Vitamins are organic compounds found in the foods we eat. Vitamins, minerals, amino acids and other nutrients are technically classified as foods and not drugs because they occur naturally in plants and animals. In a perfect world, we would get…

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Optimize Health and Slow Aging with Antioxidants CoQ10 and Glutathione

Life is meant to be lived to the fullest, yet stress, inadequate sleep and unhealthy lifestyle choices can slow you down, zapping your energy and speeding up the aging process. Thankfully, for as long as you’re alive, it’s never too…

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