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Glutathione and Cognitive Health in Older Adults

Getting older is no picnic, no matter how hard you fight to ward off aging’s negative health effects. Cognitive decline in particular is a frightening prospect that most of us hope to avoid. But poor mental health is not an…

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Glutathione Deficiency as a Factor in COVID Severity and Death

The COVID pandemic hit NYC harder than any other city in the USA, with thousands of hospitalizations and deaths. As the incidence and severity of COVID infection recedes around the globe, scientists are digging through the data to mine valuable…

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10 Evidence-Based Cryotherapy Benefits for Health, Beauty and Athletic Performance

“Follow the science” became a mantra for many in the early 2020s as we scrambled to find solutions to safeguard our health. But science is a process of discovery that never sits still, and scientists are continually challenging long-held hypotheses…

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